Pool rules & regulations


  1. By accessing the swimming pool, you accept these regulations.
  2. The swimming pool is not guarded or supervised. Exercise the utmost caution! The pool manager informs users that the pool is unattended.
  3. Hours allowed for access: swimming pool: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM / hydromassage: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM. It is forbidden to use the swimming pool at night. Unheated swimming pool. Swimming pool open from April to October.
  4. Pool dimensions: 13.50 x 4 meters; water height: constant 140 cm. The pool water is treated as needed with chlorine, fungicides, and ph-regulating products.
  5. No shouting or listening to music through loudspeakers.
  6. Parties and dances strictly prohibited.
  7. Absolute ban on running and diving.
  8. Access forbidden to children under the age of 14. Access allowed to minors between 14 and 18 years only in the presence and under the supervision and responsibility of parents or legal guardians.
  9. Warning: there are steps at the end of the hydromassage pool.
  10. There is a large step that serves as a flower bed for 2 trees next to the shower.

It is forbidden to climb this large step and pass by the pool in that area.

  1. Access allowed only to guests of the accommodation, it is forbidden to introduce animals.
  2. Before accessing the pool it is mandatory: to take a shower; sanitize your feet; always use rubber slippers or shoe covers near the pool but not inside it. The shower is located next to the access steps to the swimming pool at the bottom of the garden.
  3. The accommodation and the property are not liable in any way for any accidents, injuries or other, caused by users to themselves and to third parties for behavior attributable to them with particular reference to failure to comply with this regulation.
  4. Access to the swimming pool is allowed to customers of the accommodation equipped with a bathing suit; in particular, showering and bathing without a swimsuit are prohibited. The use of a swimming cap is mandatory inside the pool. It is forbidden to enter the pool with clothes other than a bathing suit.
  5. It is forbidden to introduce appliances connected to electrical outlets, as well as glass objects and bottles, into the pool and its vicinity. It is forbidden to access the swimming pool and to swim in the event of adverse meteorological phenomena (example: thunderstorm). It is forbidden to eat and/or drink in the swimming pool. Non-civil behavior and demeanor is prohibited. Entry is forbidden to people in a state of intoxication or under the influence of medicines or drugs or even in evident precarious health conditions. All pool equipment must be used with care and attention. Any damage caused must be compensated.
  6. It is forbidden to enter the water with wounds, abrasions, lesions or skin alterations of a suspected infectious nature (warts, dermatitis, mycosis).
  7. No smoking in the entire pool area: 250 euro fine.
  8. Maximum pool capacity: 24 people. Maximum number of people in the water 10.
  9. The toilets are located on the ground floor of the b&b Villa Ginevra Tortorelli and in the rooms of the accommodation facilities.
  10. It is recommended not to bathe less than 3 hours after meals or cold drinks.
  11. The manager of the swimming pool is Mr Marco Gorelli. Phone number: +39 3386741754
  12. In the event of an emergency, the first aid kit is located on the ground floor of the B&B Villa Ginevra Tortorelli in the corridor. The area for the arrival of the stretcher is foreseen in the parking lot after the black fence that borders the swimming pool.
  13. Emergency numbers: Ambulance / Police: +39 112.

Where are you: b&b Villa  Tortorelli Piazza d’Azeglio 39, 50121 Florence.

  1. The accommodation and the owners decline all civil and penal responsibility for objects and valuables left in the pool.


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