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Explore Florence

How to get around

If you are skilled walkers, we recommend that you move on foot. As you can also see from the tourist guide and from the Museums section, the central location of Villa Tortorelli allows you to easily reach all the most important monuments of Florence within a maximum of 20 minutes on foot. However, if you want to move by other means we leave you all the possible options below, including bike sharing, car sharing, bus, taxi.


To access this convenient bicycle sharing service, just download the Movi by Mobike mobile app and after verifying the account with your mobile number, you can rent a bike at a cost of 1 euro every half hour. Bicycles are scattered throughout the city and you just need to open the map of the app to find the closest one and book it. Before starting the ride, however, the QR code will be scanned so that the lock is unlocked, at which point you can use the vehicle as you wish. Once you have finished using the bike, just leave it in a parking space suitable for bicycles.

Mobike is the ideal way to visit the city quickly, in fact it allows tourists to get around quickly and enjoy Florence without having to get into a taxi or bus which does not allow a good view of the outside.


Public transport in Florence is of very common use. City buses (orange in color, although newer models are dark purple and white) are operated by the ATAF and LI-NEA. Tickets, both ordinary ones (valid for 90 minutes from the moment of validation) and multiple ones (a single ticket in this case is valid for 4 trips of 90 minutes each) can be purchased at authorized resale points, such as bars, tobacconists, newsstands, anyone, in short, who has displayed the ATAF ticket on the window, or at the ATAf kiosk itself in Piazza della Stazione. A tip to keep in mind: buy the ticket before getting on the bus, the driver does not check if, who gets on it, is in possession of the ticket or not and buying it from him once on board is more expensive, without considering that often tickets run out and you risk getting on without (consequently incurring a fine if the controllers get on board). Cost of the ticket for both bus and tramway: 90 minutes ride € 1.50. 4-ride ticket € 4.70.

More info on the lines, the bus map, the costs, and how and where to buy tickets on the official website.


In 2010, Florence inaugurated its first tram line, T1, which runs from Scandicci to the SMN train station and from 2018, the line reaches Careggi, the main hospital in Florence. From February 2019, the T2 line arrives from the SMN area (Piazza Unità) to the airport! There are ticket machines at each of the stops on the two tram lines, so remember to do so before boarding. Know that ATAF tickets are also valid for the tramway.

More info on the lines, the bus map, the costs, and how and where to buy tickets on the official website


Enjoy, which has been on the Italian market for years, is Eni’s car sharing, which makes the Fiat 500 available. To access the service, you need to register in advance, also indicating your driving license. To find and use the closest one, you need to book it with a special smartphone app, or via the website. It is also possible to choose a free one along the way, and start the rental immediately. Cars have free access to restricted traffic areas and can be released at the end of use (or even in “parking” mode) in any parking allowed within the area covered by the service. The rate includes 25 cents per minute on the move (for the first 50 km, after which the cost per km of 25 cents is also applied), and 10 cents per minute when you decide to leave the rented car in parking mode.


To call a taxi instead, simply call the number +39 0554390 and indicate your location. Villa Tortorelli is located in Piazza d’azeglio 39, cap 50121 Florence.

Alternatively, there is an Uber-style application to call taxis directly from a smartphone called “IT TAXI” available for both Google Play (Android) and App store (IOS)

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